In many large cities like Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore of course, security guard posts are often taken up by immigrants of other states like Bihar, Orissa and Assam. These people are usually from the rural parts of their respective states and migrate to larger towns/cities.Apart from just an incentive of financial gain, there are a couple of other advantages that security guards profit from, by migrating to a city like Bangalore.The security guards to whom I talked to, were all natives of Assam and had shifted to Bangalore leaving behind their families in Assam. They told me, that one of the really major advantages of working in a city like Bangalore was that apart from just earning a higher salary, their jobs were more stable.By stable, what I mean is that they have a permanent job with a better salary.

In villages and small towns what usually happens, is that many people do not have a permanent job, and instead have to look out for temporary jobs on a daily basis. And depending on what job they do, and for how long they do it, they earn their daily wages. For instance a fit person could work at a construction site or at a plantation and earn a daily wage. But, in cities people who have migrated and taken up jobs like security guards need not be under the constant pressure of finding another job and earning a small daily wage.

One more thing I understood was that these security guards were able to accumulate savings on their salaries despite sending money back to their families for sustenance, as well as using it for their own personal requirements. In rural areas, having savings is not common as salaries are usually in the form of daily wages and the money is used up quickly. In rural area this occurs also due to the obvious fact that salaries are lesser as compared to those offered in urban areas.

Just so to illustrate and emphasise on what we have discussed, let us dig into some numbers.

An average security guard working in an apartment in Bangalore would be approximately earning within the range of Rs. 8000-10000 per month, allowing him to use some on himself, send some back to his family, and yet have some money to save. Now let us consider a person in a village. Let us assume that this person has been particularly successful and has run errands and done jobs on all days of a month, receiving earnings of approximately Rs. 150-200 per day. Then his monthly income will range from about Rs. 4500-6000. Despite the person being able to work on all days of a month there is a considerable distinction of almost about Rs. 4000.

So these are couple of reasons as to why people from rural areas of different states migrate to cities like Bangalore and take up posts like those of security guards.