“The author writes this essay by putting herself in the shoes of a deadly sin – ENVY!”

After all these years, I’ve decided to come out and show the world, the cause of a quite a lot of havoc and crime in the world, ME. Yeah, that’s me, known by all of you as Envy. I take pride in acknowledging all that I’ve caused. I just had to tell the world that it was ME. I wanted power, and to be feared (or even envied!). I’m tired of being unknown and just considered an inanimate feeling, cause I’m not. I’m as alive as every one of you, a spirit. So, here I am, ready to show myself and my amazing ways of manipulating and influencing you, humans. The little amusement of my boring life where no one knows I exist except for my pesky siblings, the other Deadly Sins, comes from watching your relationships getting messed up all because of ME.

I can already see a tinge of green creep up your face (Ha! I made you look in the mirror) as you begin to envy ENVY! And this, is just the beginning! MWAHAHAHA!!

So, let’s start with what makes you envy someone. First, did you guys run out of imagination when you came to naming me? Cause I’m the only Deadly Sin whose name and verb form are the same. And let me tell you, it’s super weird. You wouldn’t understand how I feel, so let me give you an example with one of your human names. Say your name is John, and when I repeat that sentence, it would be like this – So, let’s start with what makes you John someone. There! Got it? Yeah, so this is how it feels. Make sure you change it! Right after you finish reading this, or else you will be blasted with a gale of envy! Now we’re talking!

So, back to how you envy people. It is this feeling you get when someone has something you don’t, or something better, and you don’t like it.

Whenever someone feels like this, I get summoned. I creep through one of your ears and march through your head, down to your heart. As I go through your brain, a few switches get flicked off which drive you a little insane. Then, down to your heart I go, to chill it. I chill it till it’s all dark and cold like a dungeon. Then, back up I go, to to your head, where I’m exhaled out your nose. It’s as simple as that, but the feeling I leave behind, remains strong. It drives you to do things that you wouldn’t have imagined otherwise – changing yourself, your ways, just for what you want, cause that feeling’s that strong. And who gives you that feeling? ME! And what’s more, all the problems, fights, anger, depression that you go through, are also all because of ME! Ha!

Also, since your population has increased so much over the past few decades, I am no longer able to personally deliver this feeling to all of you. I have had to create servants who are miniature versions of me, to help me. I call them my Envions.

You humans are right about one thing, I , Envy, am represented by the color green. It is my color, and when either me or my envions march down your face to your heart, we leave behind a green tinge. This, is my role – spreading this strong feeling of envy among you humans, and creating problems in your very merry lives.

Whoa! You look as green as grass! Was I a little too hard on you? Ok, maybe I was, but can you blame this poor loner? Ok, calm down! I’m starting to feel guilty. Hey, don’t worry! Your life is good!

Here, let me tell you a story….

So, once, there was this girl called Angela, who was a regular girl going to school. The thing was, she envied this famous singer called Selena Gomez. Her feeling was so strong, (thanks to me) that she spent hours trying to make herself more like Selena. She envied everything about her – the fame, the money, the beauty. She wanted to be just like her.

One day, Selena and Angela got the opportunity to exchange places for a day. Angela readily accepted it. She was so excited as she had been waiting for a day when she would actually get to live the life of a superstar. She wakes up in a luxurious room of a fancy house. Her assistants help her get ready for shoots and meetings scheduled for the day. They were practically doing everything for her, not quite what she imagined, but still, the day had been fine so far. After four long, boring hours in a chair, she finally gets up to see herself in the mirror. And oh! She looked gorgeous! She felt more like a superstar, and she was thrilled. The shoots were really good – she learnt to pose in different ways, and got a lot of good photos. But, as she came home for lunch, she felt tired.

All that standing, smiling, so many bright camera lights around her, had drained her energy. She sat down for lunch which had such tiny portions, it wasn’t enough for her. No wonder Selena was so thin! Angela also had to dine alone. She missed her family.

She had a concert in the evening for which she had to get ready for again. That meant another four hours in a chair. How tiring! But she was expecting her concert to be the time of her life!

How wrong she was! Her concert was a disaster! First, she discovered that Selena just lip-syncs and that there’s always the recorded version playing in the background. It was horrifying, the truth. So, Angela had to lip-sync, and she thought that she would be able to get through it fine. But, she had to dance too, and she never danced. How was she supposed to do that?

She tried to stay in one place and just move around a little, but that little was sloppy too. The crowd booed at her. She could feel her eyes tear up. It was really hard walking in those high heels. It hurt.

She stumbled a little, and the crowd booed again. She couldn’t handle it any longer. She ran off stage, crying. She went back home where she had to dine alone again. She felt lonely as she tucked herself in bed, waiting for the next day when she would be back in her house, doing her things. She had had a bad day and was so grateful that she wasn’t as famous as Selena. For once, she was happy to be herself, Angela.

So there, humans, no need to envy others. Be grateful for who you are and for what you have. I will be happier that way too. I won’t have to climb through your insides, cause my, they’re disgusting!