The expression ‘step outside the box’ means so many things,

Except, does anyone know what it really means to someone else?

It’s not up to you, or to just anyone,

To tell me what I am and am not capable of.

I am

My own person.

Not yours.

To judge.

To shape.

To puppeteer.

Because remember, your perfect isn’t my perfect.

Maybe I don’t want to be perfect.

It’s very common is it not? To not think;

Think about the fact that someone else could want

Want what?

Want to be different.

It is not society’s place nor my “relatives”

Just how many of you actually and truly wish well?

I don’t want your opinion on what is respectable and what is not

There will never be shame in doing what I love, will there?

It doesn’t always have to be about the money.

Your wings will always be different from mine, no matter how close we are,

Don’t presume that I will want to fly your path…

I may not.

We want to land on different stars,

How is it fair that you drag me to yours?

I may be filled with liquid, but on the outside I’m still solid.

Regrettably, I will not fit in a prior made box,

Regrettably, for you.

I don’t belong in a box.

Do not ever put me in a box,

Least of reasons being that




Not now,

Not ever.