The painting has been done by the author using drawing inks with a coffee wash background. 

Women empowerment is a term which is commonly heard these days, but how often do we actually value it, how often do we actually reflect and think about how true we really are to what we hear, say and promises we make to these women, not much. How many times do we implement it, even rarer. Speaking as a girl, I myself haven’t seen many other girls respect women of a lower class. So here we realize that the problem worsens as we go down the line. Today girls like me have the freedom to do whatever we like but we still aren’t allowed to go out after a certain time. We too have restrictions. But, women and girls of a lower class are in a worse state. I have seen my friends mistreat the maids who work at their houses, treating them like slaves. Worse some of them do it with their own friends as well. The change in mentality of humans is the only thing that can help.

There are thousands of articles that come out on women Empowerment every day, and even more organizations working for this cause, but it is still so unfortunate that even today, when I turn on the news I read about at least 4-5  rape cases and god knows how many more would be happening.

I ask you all for one simple thing. Respect every single woman that you see, whoever she might be wherever she is from. Smile at her, respect her and most importantly don’t treat her like your slave. People raised with the best of values forget everything when they think that they can boss someone who is “inferior” and it’s most common amongst women.

Smile at her, because without her, the world wouldn’t have life.

Liberal, free, independent,… This painting is a metaphor. It is an overlap. Beneath the free woman are the pages of the novel Little Women written by Louis May Alcott, from a significant chapter where the woman are being suppressed. This is in contrast to the girl inked over the pages of the book. She seems to be living a life of her own.

The contrast between the two types of women is what exists in our world today, some free some bounded. This painting is a tribute to all the women who have found their way in this world, who are living their lives on their own terms, who are independent, confident and strong. She stands as an inspiration to all those who aren’t, but are either on the brink or need to break the shackles of suppression that they have been bounded by.