The black coloured monster that lives inside some of our minds and slowly kills us day by day. It makes sure that no matter what we are going through, we must feel absolutely horrible about it. When such an important issue such as depression has become a taboo to talk about in our country, how can we expect people who are fighting it to win the fight?

No self confidence, no belief that we can accomplish anything, no enthusiasm about any activity and no compulsion to even get out of bed and go about our day. These are just a few effects of depression. Before saying anything else, I just want to say that those of you who are fighting this monster, you are stronger than all of us. You are much stronger than you think you are.

All of us are facing battles that others don’t know about. Battles which are making us exhausted and fatigued but no one can see it. In such situations, it becomes quite natural to give in to the situation just so we can be done with it. Just so we can get it over with. But hold on my friend. Just for a little while longer, hold on. Whatever you’re going through will pass. I know it can feel as if you’re stuck and the problems are just never ending. You feel yourself getting weaker day by day. You can feel as if you’re at the bottom of an abyss with nothing but darkness around you. Loneliness, isolation and helplessness are just some of the things that you’re going through. Believe me when I say this that it’s okay to feel this way. In a society like ours, everyone is just judging people on the basis of their academic achievements, and labelling you a ‘failure’ if they see fit. Failure in anything doesn’t mean failure in life.

Please don’t give up. Please don’t ever stop valuing your life. Your life is very important. You are even more important. The dark times that you’re going through will get over soon and you’ll get out of it. The night is darkest before the break of dawn. Look at the ray of light that’s trying to reach you. Yes it is a very weak ray but it is there right? Just follow it and you’ll get out of this. Your existence is more valuable than anything else. You matter. Even if society makes you feel otherwise. Your life matters. Think about those who love you. Your mom, your dad, your family and friends. They love you and imagine what will happen to them if you give up your life. Stay strong. You’ve survived every other bad day that you’ve had and you’ll survive this one too. I promise.

Mark my words : You will get out of this. Not by giving up but by conquering it because you are stronger than you think and you are a warrior. Stay strong.

This post is a tribute to Arjun Bhardwaj who jumped off the 19th floor of the Taj Hotel. And to all of you fighting with depression, you’re not alone. None of us can really know what’s actually going on in someone else’s life. But all of us are here to help you fight it and win. One for all and all for one.