The painting has been done by the author with acrylic colours on a plain canvas.

Popular for the tale ‘The merchant of Venice’, in tandem with the story, Venice is a city whose birth was in itself a fight for survival. For settlement, people had to make maximum use of island available, and creating more space with whatever available material. It was a dream of those citizens to make the city what it is today and that’s why I call it the city of dreams. It is the only city in the world perhaps where you don’t have to hear the honking of vehicles. There is some kind of a charm to the place. Somewhere you can be peaceful and free with your thoughts yet remain amongst civilization.

Sailing through the “streets” of Venice there is a dream, and that dream is to be able to live a life of purpose and reason. Each one of us strives to make our lives mean something. In comparison to this vast universe we are probably smaller than a speck of dust, but we strive to make our short period of life much more. And places like these, having a calming and serene environment inspire us more to do much better, to realise our potential and give it our best.

The painting is my inspiration to realise what all I can do, all that I can accomplish and most importantly belief in myself.

There is meaning in those colours, they represent the vast variety of choice and the number of opportunities we have. But, the single path ahead gives us the essence of the fact that in the end, life takes us in one single direction, which is ultimately our destination. What I learnt the most is that life always chooses what is best for us and what we deserve the most. We might not get that when we hoped for it. We might not get it when we expect it. We get it as a surprise. And that surprise is so amazing, it negates all those times we felt that we undermine ourselves and gave up on ourselves, none of it matters anymore. Only what we achieved is everything. Our hard work and perseverance is what matters the most!