…And tears fell down her cheeks
like the leaves falling from trees
As he departed towards the airport, he bid her a goodbye,
Leaving her heart to weep with a breath of sigh.

Farewells are never easy, as they say,
Looking towards their stars,
Every night as they pray,
To stand besides each other in health and sickness,
Not realising that they were each other’s weaknesses.

He was strong to hold onto his tears and feels…
He was the one who gave strengths to her fears…
He never wanted to go apart, and break her heart, but duties abided him to,
He was the one on whose shoulder she could always lean onto.

Staring at the past and
Stirring in the present,
Came an end the ave of the man of her love

And at the moment, they hitched, pretending it to be water under the bridge

And by now, she knew that blood was thicker than water,
This man of various virtues was her father…