What is Peace anyways? Crudely, it can be termed as freedom from disturbance. Slowly, a second, and much deeper question arises- what is considered disturbing, and what is not? It differs for each individual. For one, it could simply be a noisy neighbour, but for the other, it could be the way in which he is treated by the society. Therefore, according to me, peace in its true form means too many things.

The concept of World Peace is something that is in vogue today, and something that truly requires meticulous and detailed attention. We tend to restrict World Peace, by questionable boundaries of only preventing wars. Wars are definitely not the only form of destruction of living beings, and property.

When we can not live in complete tranquility within our most secured zone, our very home, how do we expect the same, in the world?

Even Wars of greatest magnitudes, are the effects of a basic human nature- our inability to accept.

For example, when one country gains more territory, money or anything else for its expansion and growth, the others can’t accept it. Similarly, when one cultural community of the society can’t accept the other, it leads to massive disputes.

What a lovely place the world would be, if every religion accepted the other, if every nationality accepted the other, and if simply we, as individuals, accepted ourselves for who we are!

Once we truly start accepting our very source, background, lifestyle and everything that follows, we can genuinely live in harmony with ourselves. Upon mastering this, surely, but gradually, we can peel off the perceived identity of people around us, and recognise them for their true character, their inner identity.

Whether you were following a particular religion, belonged to a particular nationality, to a race, caste or gender- none of which will matter tomorrow. What you will be remembered for, in all posterity, will be for the person you were, for the values you showcased.

Today, bogged down by fancy terms (race, caste, religion, etc.), drawing a box around each, and concluding that they shall and must remain confined to their territory, physically and metaphorically, we are leaving no legacy, to be remembered. Let alone legacy, no values either.

For example, a girl belonging to a class considered of higher stature in the society, will be told from the very beginning that she must not interact with peers belonging to any other so-called ‘inferior castes’. If she is raised in such an environment, how is she supposed to know that there can be harmony and care for the others? Inherently, this sort of thinking is passed down generations together, in all parts of the world. The only result of this sort of thinking is hatred, resulting in disputes and conflicts.

Considering the broader meaning of World Peace, if we start exhibiting love, care, and acceptance towards each other in the simplest of ways, wars of all magnitudes can be prevented. This is also because, we, the people are the constituents of this mighty energy of human population, and if each individual puts their best step forward, the only threat would possibly be of an alien invasion!

Let us join hands, join hands, to come together and join hands to accept and love one another, so that this world may be better place for us, and for everyone else who steps into this voracious energy.

Stand at the edge of a mountain and look beyond the horizon, deep into your imagination. Be the change you want to see.