This entry was originally written as part of Katha Utsav and has been published here in partnership with Katha .

The day was starting as the sun was rising and Henry’s mom was busy trying to wake Henry up for his first day at his third school. He got kicked out of his previous schools for being too mischievous. He had also tried feeding his teacher a fake worm with her apple.

“Boy !! you need to get up,”  shouted his mom. “Mom ..just two minutes more…” he replied. “Mister, you are getting up right now. I want to have a word with you.” said his mother.

“Mom, what is so important now other than my sleep??” he said, still with his head on the pillow.

“Henry, you are going to your third school and I want to keep our ‘left-out’ respect in front of others.”

“And how am I going to do that?”

“By keeping your nose out of all the naughty business and by concentrating more on your studies.”

“Mom !! I don’t go poking around in search of mischief; I only do it when I feel it’s necessary, like the time when…”

“I have heard your excuses just enough. All I want you to do is behave. No offence. Get up and dress up quickly. Am waiting downstairs.”

At School –

“Good morning teacher”, sang the students.

“Good morning class” replied the teacher. “ ’Am your class teacher. My name is Miss Helen and I want all of you to give me your introductions.”

After finishing the introductions, Ms. Helen announced that it is now break time. Henry had his regular sandwich and he then went out to the grounds.

On the grounds, he saw a fat lady at a distance and expected her to be a teacher. He wantedd to get a good impression and thought of approaching her to wish her good-day.

As he went near her, he could see that she was wearing a moody face and was looking somewhere else.

“Good morning ma’am”, greeted Henry.

“What on the earth ARE YOU DOING HERE??” spat out the lady. “DON’T-YOU-KNOW-THIS-AREA-IS-NOT-TO-BE-VISITED?”

“No, ma’am I….”

“Who sent you here?”

“Ma’am I…”

“Get back to your classroom RIGHT NOW”

Without uttering another word, he turned around and walked away at full pace. He spent the rest of the day moodily and was planning to take revenge on the lady.

The Next Day –

The following day, they were supposed to listen to their teacher, Ms. Helen’s speech.

As they took their seats in the room, Ms. Helen gave an inspiring and interesting speech about kindness and love. She told them about emotions and also taught them to be always ready for others’ aid, whether you get something in return or not. Although, Ms. Helen’s speech grabbed the attention of many; Henry was one of the few who was least bothered to give a damn to the speech.

According to him, nobody in this world has got time to be at the aid of someone who can be neglected. He believed that no one is really concerned about anyone else other than themselves.

All the time, when the speech was going on, Henry had busied himself in making plans and pranks as revenge over that rude lady. It was when, the Principal of the school walked in, “Hello to everyone present here,” she said in a very flat tone. “I am the Principal of this institution. I hope all of you take it as your second home and …,” her eyes fell on Henry, “..the teachers are requested to tell them about the places that shouldn’t be ventured. “Thank you,” and she walked out.

Henry was shocked. The lady over whom he was planning to take revenge on turned out to be his Principal, Mrs. Doddi.

Henry was sad for the rest of the day as he was strictly restricted by his mom that he cannot play any kinds of pranks on the teachers.

To make up his mood, after returning from school, Henry, went out to the park. He thought that meeting his friends would lighten his mood.

As they were playing their games, they missed track of time, David and Hans were Henry’s closest friends. They were busy chasing each other. Suddenly, David and Hans crossed the road and were waiting for Henry to come and catch them. Henry was very lost in the game and without looking anywhere, he ran through the road.

He did not see a speeding car coming towards him. He was blank and he freezed for a moment.

After that, he felt a mild jerk from behind and everything turned black for him.

A person, with a very heroic perspective, came to Henry’s aid. Seeing Henry freeze, the person ran and pushed Henry away and sacrificed his life for a totally unknown boy.

Anwar, the “hero-who-didn’t-act in-movies,” had shown a very pure act of empathy and love. Henry was heartbroken after hearing this.

Everyone was grieving about his death. But, what Henry was worried about was Anwar’s family. He was the only source of money at his home. He was tensed about what would happen to Anwar’s two daughters and his wife.

“Mom, can’t we let let them live with us?” He asked to his mother.

“Henry, I know you are sad about them, but, we can only do what we are capable of…If we keep them with us, wouldn’t it be another problem for us?”


“I understand, it’s fine. They will move on.”

“Am hiring Mala as a helper at school and she’s happy about it.” Mrs. Doddi said, standing at the doorway. “I hope I did the correct thing, did I?”

“Ma’am, what are you doing here? And ..why are you standing? Please have a seat,” said Henry’s mom.

“It’s ok. I anyways have to take his daughters for admission at our school.”

“ummmm..will they be able to pay their fees?” Henry’s mom asked, after a minute.

“They dont have to.” Mrs. Doddi replied.

“Really? Like, you are giving it to them for free?” Henry asked surprised and with a note of hope.

“Yes, I am giving them free education and I want you to be more careful. Next time, I get to hear such news, you won’t be tolerated in my school, understood?”

“Yes, I understood.” He replied. But, he was happy for them. He never expected Mrs. Doddi to be be so kind. He understood it perfectly that there are still many good people left in this world.