Young Scribe

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About Young Scribe

What is Young Scribe?

A number of college and high school students write about several topics… sometimes as part of their academic work, and sometimes beyond. There is no online platform for students to publish the work that they proudly create.

Publishing on a dedicated online platform is a way to celebrate the work of students. This allows for sharing on social media, and allows students to showcase their work to a range of interested folks, including teachers, parents and universities.

Young Scribe has been set up to be the platform for students to showcase their work.

Who is eligible?

Students in colleges and high schools can use this platform.

Why do I need to Register?

As soon as you decide you want to submit an entry, we suggest that you register here. Once you register, we can send you more guidelines on your proposed submission.

How do I submit an entry?

Writing on Young Scribe is simple. Just submit your entry via email at Provide the reference of one of your professors or teachers, who has verified the contents of your submission. We may call them before publishing the article.

Will all submissions be published?

Articles will be scrutinised for quality, clarity, and presentation. Only selected articles will be published. Those that are not published will be returned to the author.

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