Young Scribe

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Here are some great opportunities for students in college and high school to work with Young Scribe. Interested students can write to us at

Young Scribe Intern:

A 10-12 week, structured engagement open to college and high school students, to develop campaign themes, design publicity material, organise systematic outreach efforts, promote the campaign across various educational institutions using offline activities as well as through social media, ensure large scale participation, and engage in a variety of related tasks.

The internship is an excellent opportunity for students eager to demonstrate their creative leadership abilities through innovation, management and execution.

Young Scribe Champion:

Getting 50+ articles of high quality from senior students across colleges or high schools will qualify the student to be a “Young Scribe Champion”. This will require good leadership skills, and networking capabilities across educational institutions.

Young Scribe Volunteer:

If a student can encourage at least 15 senior students from their college or high school to write, and if the articles are of high quality and get published, then the student will be recognised as a “Young Scribe Volunteer”.